Cranberry Bluff

I owe HUGE thanks to everyone for helping take Cranberry Bluff to #1 in cozy mysteries and a mind-boggling #10 in overall Kindle sales. A lot of the credit for this also goes to BookBub for providing such an awesome site, with so much exposure. I highly recommend signing up for their mailing list, if you aren’t already on it (BookBub.) Meanwhile, Cranberry Bluff will remain on a Kindle Countdown Deal through 3/18 for .99, if you haven’t picked it up yet: Amazon

4 thoughts on “Cranberry Bluff”

  1. I loved the Cranberry Bluff mystery. Will there be more to follow. I have been waiting anxiously. Please you can respond at my e mail address. Thank you.

  2. I have been having a great time following your recipes. Is there a way of getting them on line or thru a PDF. I copied them out of a kindle into a note book and am planning to put them in my computer if i can’t get them from you. thanks again for a fun book and great recipes

  3. Just finished reading Crsnberry Bluff on my kindle. Great story that mixed suspense and a fell good story.

    I would also like these recipes.


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