Travel Writing

Ever wondered what it would it be like to just jump in the car and hit the highway, roaming from one small town to the next, living from one unexpected adventure to another? This is what travel writer and photographer Deborah Garner decided to do in the fall of 1999. Years later, she’s still on the road. Follow along as she continues to document America’s backroads and small towns.

August 9, 2007 I woke up in Massachusetts, with no idea what state I’d be in later that day. Literally, that is. Perhaps I would

August 3, 2007 In the Lock 27 Tavern, downstairs from The Olde Warehouse Restaurant in Coshocton, OH, I plugged my cell phone into the wall

August 1, 2007 So let’s talk about old hotels. Really, really old, historic hotels. There are many throughout the U.S., some falling apart, some restored

July 31, 2007 In the glow of late afternoon sunlight, I crossed the old toll bridge from Illinois Rte 14 and entered the town of

July 25, 2007 I grabbed a cup of coffee from the motel lobby, which was fairly good, surprisingly. I’m not usually a fan of the

July 22, 2007 I pulled into Winslow, Arizona, around 7:30 pm and found my way to La Posada Hotel. I had visited this historic railroad hotel