Travel Writing

Ever wondered what it would it be like to just jump in the car and hit the highway, roaming from one small town to the next, living from one unexpected adventure to another? This is what travel writer and photographer Deborah Garner decided to do in the fall of 1999. Years later, she’s still on the road. Follow along as she continues to document America’s backroads and small towns.

 I had decided to back road it out of Prescott, AZ, and ended up cruising along unfamiliar mountain roads.  I knew I only had a

July 22, 2002 I had read about Kennedy School online before hitting the road, so I knew a little about it in advance. What I

July 21, 2002 I know I really like a place when it’s difficult to leave, and that’s exactly how I felt as I prepared to

  July 5, 2002 Muscatine, Iowa is known as the “Pearl of the Mississippi,” named after the large industry of pearl buttons made from mussel

July 1, 2002 “You’re staying at Jim Martin’s rustic place, ALONE?” the clerk asked me in semi-horror as I placed bread, pasta, bottled water, and

Feb. 8, 2002 There are many lessons in history to be learned while crossing the United States, but few as entertaining and educational as one