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 I did not arrive at The Irma Hotel under the best of circumstances.  I had a migraine that would rate about nine on a scale of one to ten and the building was blurring before my eyes as I approached. To add additional trauma, I arrived on a Fri. night, the hotel was full, the

  September 8, 2008 I drove into Boulder, MT and arrived at Boulder Hot Springs Inn and Spa completely unannounced. I’d had no idea where

August 5, 2008 Searching for a dose of the old gold rush days, I headed up through Yellowstone National Park and out the west gate,

July 22, 2008 The sleepy hamlet of Lava Hot Springs rests alongside Hwy 30 in Idaho, west of the even sleepier town of Soda Springs

July 15, 2008 I entered Idaho from the east, following State Hwy 34 out of Freedom, WY, along the Pioneer Historic Byway and through the

July 1, 2008 I found Lander Llama Company the same way I find a lot of places on the road, by running endless Google searches

June 23, 2008 From the outside, the building looked like any other downtown structure, nothing that would draw a second glance from anyone driving by.

April 18, 2008 I sat in the Surprise Café and Java Bar, consuming a veggie burrito and using the café’s wireless Internet access. An extensive

Aug. 12, 2007 The Pennsylvania town now known as Jim Thorpe was established in 1818 as Mauch Chunk and developed as a mining town for

August 10, 2007 I opened my eyes and looked at my surroundings. I had gone to sleep as a weary road traveler, but I was

August 9, 2007 I woke up in Massachusetts, with no idea what state I’d be in later that day. Literally, that is. Perhaps I would